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Amazon PPC is one of the major keys to your success in driving traffic to your listings. We have immensely helped hundreds of amazon client’s setup proper advertising campaigns. Not only we set the campaigns but we also manage them to bring the proper result.  

Our PPC Services

  • Keyword Research
  • Optimize Amazon PPC
  • Reduce ACOS, 
  • Increase Sales
  • Weekly Reporting
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Auto Campaign

Auto Campaign
Medium spend keywords chosen by Amazon, good for keyword discovery in case manual campaigns miss any opportunity. Amazon chosen medium spend keywords, these are good for keyword discovery in case manual campaigns miss any opportunity

Auto campaigns now have targeting split into 4 areas:

Substitutes: We’ll show your ad to shoppers who view the detail pages of products similar to yours. Will show ad to shoppers who view the detail pages of similar products.

Complements: Will show ad to shoppers who view the detail pages of products similar to yours.

Loose match: Will show ad to shoppers who use search terms loosely related to your products.

Close match: Will show ad to shopper who use search terms closely related to your products.

Brand Campaign

Brand terms are only used in this campaign. In this campaigns Brand terms are use only.

  Defensive advertising does not bring that incremental sales. This will Protect from competitors advertising on our brand.

Competitor Brand Campaign

 Targeting Competitor Brand Terms

We use only competitor’s brand name in this campaign.

Target competitor’s brand related keywords in order to capture market share.

Frequently tiny spend, better result, less impression gains, incremental sales.

Competitor ASIN targeting

Selective ASINs we want our product to show up on their detail pages.

We often find search terms perform poorly when showing up on detail pages. However, we find it beneficial to target specific ASINs.

Manual Campaign

Highly segmented ad groups will have the most benefit, most spend, and most sales.

Highly positioned ad groups will have the major benefits, the way keywords are chosen fully manual. We use a bid modifier to bid higher for top of search pages.

Research has shown using less than 50 keywords on manual campaigns is more effective than loading hundreds.

Defensive ASIN Targeting Campaign

We will target ASIN from your own product catalog.

Places your ads on the detail page of your own products.

Keeps competitors out of your page while advertising more of your catalog to increase conversion and get some rapid sales.

Sponsored Display

Retargeting previous purchasers.

Category and ASIN targeting Display.

Video Ads

Trendy and in demand.

Requires professional shot videos.

Recommended time: 30 seconds.

Requires Brand Registry.

Keyword Strategies

Key words are added by following 3 formats given bellow. A keyword can perform better in any one of the below formats, and we adjust bids ongoing accordingly.

Broad Match

Keywords are targeted generically, can have other words in search results mixed in.  Usually generates the maximum impressions.

Phrase Match

Phrase must be contained. Also can have other words in search result.

Exact Match

In this method only targets when precise letter for letter keyword is used. minimum amount of impressions, but most controlled and targeted format.

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